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With several years’ experience in these lines, we have been distinguished from other suppliers in China by our positive aspects in competitive pricing, on-time shipping and delivery, prompt responses, on-hand engineering support and excellent soon after-income services. The team has taken portion in the creating and revising of ISO/TC100 worldwide chain common numerous years in achievement and hosted the 16th ISO/TC100 Intercontinental once-a-year conference in 2004. Quality and credit rating are the bases that make a company alive.

Low Rpm 10kw 50rpm Long term EPT Generator with SKF EPT

Discover: For Exactly Cost you should send your inquiry with your details ask for. EPT,Speed,VOLTAGE and so forth.

Product Description

GreeF business source assortment of permaent magent generators which is suitable for EPTn by subsequent gear to

  1. Driven by Wind EPT ——–Wind turbine
  2. Pushed by Water EPT ——- Hydro generator
  3. Driven by Belt with EPTs
  4. Pushed by EPT
  5. Dirven by perpetual motion EPT
  6. Dirven by examination EPT
  7. Dirven by yourselves development
  8. Pushed the everlasting magnet generator and make it rotate then it can make EPT


1. Uncommon earth Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet generator. energy save energy more than 15% than common generators.

two. Long lasting magnet rotor framework, no excitation winding, no carbon brushes, no slip rings, no need to have EPT box. Basic structure, reliable ,resilient and Servicing cost-free.

3. Multi poles design and style, boost the frequency and effectiveness of rectifiers and inverters. EPT EPT .

4. Started out immediately, without manage cupboard, substitute the asynchronous motor absolutely.

five. H class insulation, EPT pressure impregnation.

six. Use SKF bearings

seven. EPT issue near to 1,no need to have incorporate EPT element payment gear.

eight. Modest warmth, aslo can add admirer cooling or h2o cooling

9. EPT daily life time gt20years, EPT rotors, could run at high velocity.24hours 365daEPTrunning.

10. Power-preserving, return expenditure inside of 1-2years.

EPT Data

Generator variety : Pemanent EPT Synchronous Direct EPT 3Phase AC

Custom-made Voltage, Velocity, EPT ,Frequency.

Customized shaft size ,Spline shaft, biaXiHu (West Lake) extension, flange can be utilised.

Varity structures design : vertical aXiHu (West Lake) Dis.s, horizontal aXiHu (West Lake) Dis.s, inner rotor, exterior rotor, plate variety.

.5kW 20rpm~400rpm 12V~220Vac 10HZ~60HZ
.8kW 20rpm~500rpm 12V~220Vac 10HZ~60HZ
1kW 20rpm~600rpm 12V~220Vac 10HZ~60HZ
1.5kW 20rpm~900rpm 12V~400Vac 10HZ~60HZ
2kW 20rpm~1000rpm 24V~400Vac 10HZ~60HZ
3kW 20rpm~1500rpm 48V~400Vac 10HZ~60HZ
5kW 20rpm~1500rpm 48V~690Vac 10HZ~60HZ
6kW 20rpm~1500rpm 48V~690Vac 10HZ~60HZ
7kW 20rpm~1500rpm 48V~690Vac 10HZ~60HZ
10kW 20rpm~1500rpm 48V~690Vac 10HZ~60HZ
12kW 20rpm~1500rpm 48V~690Vac 10HZ~100HZ
13kW 20rpm~1500rpm 48V~690Vac 10HZ~100HZ
15kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~690Vac 10HZ~100HZ
17kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~690Vac 10HZ~100HZ
20kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~690Vac 10HZ~100HZ
22kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~100HZ
25kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~100HZ
30kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~100HZ
50kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~100HZ
80kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~100HZ
100kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~100HZ
120kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~100HZ
150kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~100HZ
200kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~100HZ
250kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~100HZ
300kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~100HZ
480kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~200HZ
500kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~200HZ
700kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~200HZ
800kW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~200HZ
1MW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~200HZ
2MW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~200HZ
3MW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~200HZ
4MW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~200HZ
5MW 20rpm~3000rpm 48V~1140Vac 10HZ~200HZ

Drawing Sample amp Pictures


1. Alternator for wind generator use interior foam security outer Plywooden situation .

two.Pakage measurement and weigEPT you should refer to our sales.

3.EPT by sea with FCL LCL or by air .

If you have any ask for in deal and shipping and delivery remember to tell our revenue we will do according to your ask for.


Generators are free of charge three a long time guarantee, All lifeEPT complex support and component EPT offer.

(1) The warranty period of time is start off from the date of cargo which display on the monthly bill of loading or air waybill.
(2) Free of charge servicing services in the course of the warranty period of time the EPT associated be borne by EPT, do not demand a fee to consumers, free of charge warranty if any damage exterior the warranty period of time, EPT will charge a charge for labor EPTs and materials.
(three) the warranty period, firm’s top quality issues induced by the upkeep of the freigEPT borne by EPT, if not unEPTwarranty or male-manufactured harm, the freigEPT costs by the buyer.

Firm Data

If you have any concerns, make sure you do not wait to get in touch with us.
You can directly make contact with John for any any questions!

  in La Laguna Mexico  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Low Rpm 10kw 50rpm Permanent Magnet Generator with SKF Bearing manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in La Laguna Mexico  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Low Rpm 10kw 50rpm Permanent Magnet Generator with SKF Bearing manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler